Welcome to Therm Transfer Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

Therm Transfer Equipment Pvt. Ltd. Established in year 2000. We have team of experienced engineers, supervisors & Welders. Majority of our work, we are fabricating under third party inspection, we are doing work under M/s. Bureau Veritas, M/s.Bureau Veritas, M/s. LIoyd’s Register Asia, M/s. Toyo Engineers etc…

In last twelve years we had Fabricated Heat Exchanger like, Process Heat Exchangers, Finned Oil Coolers, Finned Heat Exchangers, Inter coolers and After Coolers, Air Pre- Heaters etc…

Generally, we are fabricating shell and tube type heat exchanger, finned type Heat Exchanger and Pressure Vessels. +We are using integrally finned tubes, G-type finned tubes, spiral wound finned tubes etc. We have qualified welder’s and all our welding are of rad.iographic quality. Mostly we done work as per approved QAP and drawing. We strictly follow all engineering codes.

We are fabricating equipment in carbon steel, stainless steel etc.. we are using SA 179, SA 334, SA 210, SA 213 TP 304, 304L, 316, 316L SS 347 etc. tubes . we are also using Copper, Brass, cupronickel etc tubes. We are also doing Re- tubing of Heat Exchanger. We had retubed almost 100 Heat Exchangers. We had carried out lot of Re- tubing for M/s. Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd, M/s. Nirma Limited etc…


  • Hydraulic Testing Pump – 3 Nos. Capacity upto – 600 Kg/Cm²
  • Lots of Measuring Instruments like Vernier Calipers, Micrometers, Dial Gauges etc.
  • We are taking service of following agencies for Quality Control.
    1. For testing of Raw Material e.g.
      Chemical & Physical Testing M/s. Met-Heat Engineers, Baroda.
    2. Radiography Work.
      M/s. Beta Radiography, Makarpura, Baroda.
    3. Ultrasonic Testing, MPI etc, at M/s. Met Heat Engineers.
  • D. P. Testing of Weld Joints, Plates etc. carried out by ourselves.
  • Air Compressor for Pneumatic Testing of Equipment.
  • Gauges to measure % of expansion available with us.
  • S. R and heat treatment by independent agency.
  • Freon Leak Test at M/s. INOX (I) Ltd.
Following facility available with M/s. Therm Transfer Equipment Pvt Ltd.
Area = 2400 mt²
Constructed work shop area = 400 mt²
Office space = 150 mt² Overhead Cranes = 10 TON capacity – 2 Nos.

  • Welding Rectifiers = 400 amp 3 Nos.
  • TIG Welding controls units = 2 Sets.
  • Bending Machine = 1 Nos. (16 mm x 2 mt Capacity)
  • Machine Shop
    1. Lathe = 1 Nos.
    2. Power Hacksaw = 1 Nos.
    3. Drilling Machin e = 2 Nos.
    4. Shaping Machine e t c . = 1 Nos.
  • Lot of Power Tools
  • Lot of Measuring Instruments.

  • M/s Bureau Veritas India Pvt Ltd.
  • M/s. Lloyd’s Register Industrial Services (I) Ltd
  • M/s Toyo Engineering, Bombay.

We obligated to meet the quality standards as per the customer Demands